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EV Charging for offices

SemaConnect Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Educational Institutions

Today’s Innovators in the Push Towards Clean Transportation

Maintaining a cutting-edge, ultra-sustainable learning environment is fast becoming an effective way to attract the greatest minds and talent to a university.

Reinforce your university’s commitment to the environment and a sustainable lifestyle by having sleekly-designed EV charging stations available across your campus. The average stay while visiting a university is the perfect length for recharging.

Benefits of installing SemaConnect Stations include:

Sleek Enclosure

The SemaConnect Station has been designed to be visually compelling to e­ffectively enhance the image of its host property location.

Ease of Installation

Installation is simple, quick, and adorable. The electrical service connection only requires 3 wire nuts, 4 screws and you’re done!

Property Value

Every time a student, faculty member, employee or visitor enters or leaves your campus, they will be reminded of your commitment to sustainability.

Green Benefit

Be a leader in this highly visible, sustainable industry.

Campus Life Satisfaction

Provide a valuable amenity to students, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors.

Environmental Reports

The Station system includes environmental reports for carbon off­set and oil reduction.

To learn more about SemaConnect and how to install our charging stations at your property, contact us: