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EV Charging for offices

SemaConnect Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Medical Centres

A Natural Choice for Healthcare Facilities

With the growing prominence of electric vehicles (EV) on the road, an increasing number of hospital visitors and employees are arriving in EVs. Take the opportunity to really shine a light on your hospital’s forward-thinking initiatives by installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as a sustainable amenity for patients, employees, and visitors.

Benefits of installing SemaConnect Stations include:

Sleek Enclosure

The SemaConnect Station has been designed to be visually compelling to e­ffectively enhance the image of its host property location.

Ease of Installation

Installation is simple, quick, and adorable. The electrical service connection only requires 3 wire nuts, 4 screws and you’re done!

Property Value

Every time a visitor or staff member enters or leaves your building they will be reminded of your commitment to sustainability.

Green Benefit

Be a leader in this highly visible, sustainable industry.

Employee Satisfaction

Provide a valuable amenity for your EV driving employees.

Environmental Reports

The Station system includes environmental reports for carbon off­set and oil reduction.

To learn more about SemaConnect and how to install our charging stations at your property, contact us: