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EV Charging for offices

SemaConnect Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Shopping Centres

Remaining Ahead of the Curve with EV Charging Stations

Common sense suggests that as more people embrace clean transportation, a growing number of your customers will be arriving at your establishment in an electric vehicle. A key way to establish an ongoing relationship with this new wave of customers is by providing them with a valuable service – a place to charge their car.

Benefits of installing SemaConnect Stations include:

Small Footprint

The head unit of the Station is only 6” x 6” x 18”, so it is easy to integrate into space-limited corporate parking locations.

Ease of Installation

Installation is simple, quick, and adorable. The electrical service connection only requires 3 wire nuts, 4 screws and you’re done!

Easy to Manage

Our web-based management system makes it easy to monitor and manage all of your charging stations. You can even receive text-based alerts and real-time usage updates.

Capture Revenue

Easily capture revenue with our simple billing and payment system.

Smart Grid Ready

Take advantage of Time of Use pricing and Demand Response programs.

To learn more about SemaConnect and how to install our charging stations at your property, contact us: